85-year-old Norwood, Mass. theatre reopens

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September 4, 2012

85-year-old Norwood, Mass. theatre reopens

This story appeared on NECN. Read the article onĀ their website.

(NECN) – An 85-year-old theatre in Norwood, Mass. has been brought back to life.

For the past few years, the seats inside the theatre have been empty, but on Friday, they were filled for a gala event.

Sue Lewis bought the vacant theatre back in 2010 and invested millions to refurbish the building back to the way it looked when it first opened back in 1927.

“I can tell already the excitement is unbelievable,” said Lewis. “We’re hoping to attract local communities here, you know, and bring people into the town, that’s our goal.”

Among the guests attending the celebrations was the daughter of the architect who originally designed the theatre.