About Us

Dear Friends,

As we near our First Anniversary of opening The Norwood Theatre I can’t help but take a deep breath and smile. We survived the challenges of opening our doors days after the last bit of paint was dry and jumped the next big hurdle by quickly booking events that carried us through the first four months. We brought in the New Year with our first Season Brochure and it’s been full steam ahead.

There are many to thank for an eventful year. The wonderful staff members that have given above and beyond to support the mission of the theatre. A dedicated group of volunteers that have assisted us in making the patrons feel welcome. The loudest round of applause goes to you, our patrons, for attending our shows. I look forward to your handshakes, hugs and words of support.

The Norwood Theatre will be closed for two months this summer so we may address a few hiccups and complete our annual maintenance. The doors will open in September with an exciting Fall Season. I invite you to continue on our journey as we begin the second chapter in the life of The Norwood Theatre.


Susan Lewis