My First Kiss

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April 6, 2012

My First Kiss

Being a breath of air away from 80 years of age, I am thrilled when anything to beautify the town of Norwood happens. I was born there and raised there, in the Cork City section, until some trouble in a place called Korea called me and so many others away. Some will never get home. Some, like me, a resident of Canton, MA now come back to Norwood any time we get a chance. Coffee at Perks along with bumping into old friends has to do for now. With the Theatre opening again, I wish I could open up Furlong’s Ice Cream Parlor again. It looks as though the brick work on the facade of the Theatre is from the quarry the bricks for the Town Hall came from. My fondest memory was being at the movies, one Saturday afternoon, with my girlfriend and getting my first kiss in the back row. I want to thank whomever is responsible for this endeavor. God Bless. Submitted by Paul Seery


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