Letter to the Editor: Beautiful opening for Norwood Theatre

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September 12, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Beautiful opening for Norwood Theatre

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Every once in a while when the planets are aligned in the world of historic preservation, miracles happen.

Such is the case of the Norwood Theatre, when an angel from Dover, Susan Lewis, came along who had the vision, the will and the capacity to completely restore the theatre to its original beauty and majesty.

In 1927, the intent of the theatre’s original architect, William G. Upham, was to create a home for the performing arts. Here it is these many years later and the theatre is coming to life again.

This weekend was the grand reopening of the Norwood Theatre. Susan’s love and appreciation of music, dance, drama and film precipitated her desire to acquire the Norwood Theatre.

By restoring and enhancing it, she has preserved it for generations to come and for that, we are truly grateful.

You will be pleased to learn the theatre is quite stunning. May the residents of the Town of Norwood and the surrounding communities enjoy the many great performances that surely will come our way.

Congratulations and best wishes to Susan Lewis on the opening of the beautiful Norwood Theatre. Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful weekend.

Judith Howard