Norwood Day 2011

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September 20, 2011

Norwood Day 2011

Once again it was an honor to speak to many local residents at the annual Norwood Day Celebration. The following memories were kindly shared by the many visitors in response to the question, “If these walls could talk, what would they say?”

“I’m a newcomer to Norwood but it will be great going to the Theater just down the street. My uncle Thomas was a sign painter for Donnelly Sign Company in 1927. He painted the Norwood Sign.”

“My Dad told me you could get in 2 for 5 cents so you would go with 2 cents and try to find someone with 3 Cents.”

“I remember going to sit in my seat and as I sat a spring kind of poked me. It was a memorable show!”

” We enjoyed going to the local Theater. A cartoon, newsreel, and two movies cost 10 cents and a penny tax in 1950. A popular candy bar like a Charleston Chew or Butterfinger sold for 5 cents.”


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