Lawn & Disorder: Comedy From The Suburbs

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January 20, 2018

Lawn & Disorder: Comedy From The Suburbs

Saturday, January 20, 7:30pm

Say hello to a couple of very intelligent parents (not of the same children, not spouses, not even from the same town) who are responsible grown-ups trapped inside two brilliant comedians’ bodies. Or maybe it’s the reverse.

When Karen Morgan & Jim Colliton take the stage, there’s no one who won’t relate. It’s a show about life as we know it in the suburbs of America. And yes, they’re gonna talk about their spouses, their children, their neighbors, their parents, And after you hear about what goes on in their neighborhoods, you may want to go home and take a closer look at your own cause there are some kicks and giggles you may not have quite discovered yet! The show includes a Q&A with questions submitted on cards by the audience, and there’s a live participation game-show section that will become the talk of the town.

Jim & Karen are comedy headliners who are as personally engaging and endearing as they are outlandishly funny, as utterly real and honest as they are sharp and keenly observant. It’s a show that exhibits the real “art” of what makes good comedy so satisfying. And it’s done without going over the edge of general audience appropriateness, and without resorting to hurtful insults or questionable language.

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