Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra

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September 14, 2013

Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra

September 14 at 8:00 pm

For those who cannot get enough of The Who, David Bowie, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Queen, you can’t get closer to the anthemic rock experience than seeing and hearing the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra, a Norwood Theatre fan favorite. The URO is a Boston-based group of 12 singers and instrumentalists who—for close to a decade—have been committed to bringing the best of classic rock to life for those who’ve never had a chance to hear it live, and those wanting to relive the heyday of Epic Rock.  The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra performs jaw-dropping, electrifying, dynamically diverse renditions of classic ’60s and ’70s British Rock.  As the works of Mozart and Beethoven live on in symphonies, the URO is a unique and unconventional orchestra, bringing to vivid life this glorious, beloved music.  Performing with uninhibited power, nuance and feeling, the URO is honored to bring these iconic classic songs to today’s audiences.

URO Performing at The Norwood Theatre


Purchasing Tickets:

Tickets are $29 for Adults, $26 for Seniors. To order tickets, click the link below, visit us at the box office, or give us a call at 781-551-9000.