“Something Special”

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February 14, 2012

“Something Special”

The physical building has held great respect and admiration with me for most of my life. Coupled with being a theatre for movies, live performances and all of the arts that go with those – Norwood Theatre has been “something special” to me. A friend was a projectionist at the theatre for many years and I would go and sit with him in the projection booth to keep him company/watch the movie. I was always intrigued by what lurked in the back of the stage and other areas. At this point the Theatre was run down and quite shabby. We took an adventure into the depths of the theatre and it was dismal. Within all the darkness, dust and shabbiness of the theatre there was a copy of the opening night program from 1927 – I was thrilled to find it and my friend said “take it, they will probably just throw it away anyway”. So I have kept this precious momento of the “special” building that is now coming alive again. Thankfully there are people who love and respect wonderful beauty such as the Norwood Theatre. Thank you Susan Lewis for resurrecting the grand lady and bringing back such a needed focal point of architecture and entertainment in this town and the surrounding area. Much success and applause for your contribution! Submitted by David Franciosi

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